Exciting news!

Join what’s soon to be over 25 000 people in signing the international Avaaz.org petition.


If you don’t know about Avaaz.org yet, here is an excerpt from their site:

In 3 years, Avaaz has grown to 5.5 million members from every country on earth, becoming the largest global web movement in history. 

The Economist writes of Avaaz’ power to “give world leaders a deafening wake-up call”; the Indian Express heralds “the biggest web campaigner across the world, rooting for crucial global issues.” and Suddeutsche Zeitung calls Avaaz “a transnational community that is more democratic, and could be more effective than the United Nations.” Run by a virtual team on 3 continents, Avaaz operates in 14 languages.

Avaaz empowers its members to take action on pressing issues of international concern, from global poverty to the crises in the Middle East to climate change. Its model of internet organising allows thousands of individual efforts, however small, to be rapidly combined into a powerful collective force.

Since 2007, Avaaz has:

  • taken over 20 million actions online and offline, including messages sent, phone calls and petition signatures, and over 70 million friends told.
  • raised over $10 million online, including millions in funding and high tech support for human rights and democracy advocates in Burma, Zimbabwe, Tibet, Iran, Haiti and more.
  • organized almost 10,000 rallies, flashmobs, vigils, marches and other online events—giving a massive boost to the climate change movement.
  • won YouTube’s Best Political Video of the Year Award, and the Huffington Post’s “Ultimate Gamechanger in Politics” award.