Article on The South African Civil Society Information Service website:


By Jane Duncan


In one incident, a comrade of Mogotji’s was arrested with him, simply for “driving with Seun.”  In another incident, he says that a senior police officer told him, “they will make sure I lose my mouth if I don’t shut it.” In yet another incident, he describes how a large contingent of police came to arrest him at his place of work, cordoning off the whole building: as Mogotji commented “they wanted it to be like a movie, like wa Afrika’s arrest.”

Mogotji feels that the police have become even more authoritarian under the Jacob Zuma administration; he said, “Things are worse under Zuma. I am even missing (former President Thabo) Mbeki.” He attributes this growing authoritarianism to the Minister of Police Nathi Mthetwa and Deputy Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula’s ANC Youth League backgrounds. Given the League’s hostility to the SACP – culminating in its leader Julius Malema recently declaring “war” on the SACP and threatening to “beat the dog (SACP) until the owner (Secretary General Blade Nzimande) comes out” – Mogotji is not surprised that communists are bearing the brunt of the police’s wrath.

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